Hate Thanksgiving? Reasons to change your mind or hate it even more

joi, 25 noiembrie 2010

I found something interesting yesterday night, while sailing pointlessly on the internet: a lady on her blog was making her list of things to be thanksfull for. I liked the idea, so here’s my list:
- friends
- people to motivate us
- people to make our gloominess melt
- people we trust in
- mystery of the moon
- beauty of the light of the sun
- owls
- cats
- cradles
- mountains, wood, and green
- hills and steps
- fire and fireplaces
- sunsets
- old houses
- stories
- wise men and wisdom
- words and their twistings and turnings
- dear people
- “being in love” state of mind
- laughter and smiles
- my smile-of-the-day habit
- bad days to get all the taste in the good days
- being thanskfull for having days like Thankgiving to remind us to be thanksfull :)
Of course, this list of mine was written in one happy, optimistic day.
Had it been another kind of day, everything on this list would have been the same, only uspside-down. :)
That’s how relative is everything.
So come on: love a little this day, you’ll always have time to hate tomorrow!

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Sunny spunea...

This is exactly the reason I wrote mine...I love seeing what others are Thankful for and what makes others happy.

Hope you have a very happy Holiday Season!!!

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