My life must be vicious, ‘cause it surely is circular

marți, 24 octombrie 2017

What are the chances of wearing sandals on the twenty-second day of October, in Ploiesti ? 
What are the chances of wearing the sandals that I bought, this May, in Budapest, during a last gorgeous, generous, incredible autumn day ? 
What are the chances of sleeping on a late October night with the window open ? 

And yet, it did happen. Yesterday, on the last summer day of this autumn ;) No better proof than the warm light of the air and the powerful green of the grass.   
The chances were low, but still it happened. 

Today summer is already gone, the most fabulous summer I’ve ever had. Oh, the miracle of my life : travelling; travelling with my mind while not travelling with my backpack.  
I keep coming back to places, people and emotions that keep me captive in a world of fantasy, my naive world for my grabbing, possessive soul. 

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